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Composite fences

Looking for a durable fence for your garden? A composite fence combines the best of 2 worlds! You see, this fence is  made with synthetic resin and wood fibre, which offers a lot of benefits. Discover them in this article, plus more info on placement and prices.

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composite fence Strengths of a composite fence

There are many reasons why you should go for composite fences. Firstly, it has a natural wood look, but none of its disadvantages. Composite doesn’t crack or splinter.

Moreover, composite is a water-resistant material, so you won’t have to worry about the fence rotting or warping.

Your composite fence will never need a stain or varnish coating. This construction generally lasts at least 10 years, without any form of maintenance! Composite is a light, but sturdy material. The best qualities of both plastic and wood are combined into 1. To give your fence that extra bit of strength you could always add some glass fibre or carbon to the mix.


Are there any disadvantages?

Even though a composite fence has mainly pros, there are a few cons we need to mention. For example, composite is a bit more sensitive to scratching than wood. Superficial scratches can easily be sanded, but deep scratches cannot be fixed. It’s also possible that small natural colour variations occur in the material.


WPC versus BPC


1) Wood Plastic Composite (WPC)

There are 2 types of composite fences. On the one hand there’s WPC. This type consists mostly of (hard)wood dust from sawmills (for example the parquet or furniture industry) and recycled plastic (polyethylene).

The quality of WPC depends on the used wood (strength, roughness). The exact strength of a composite fence also depends on the wood-plastic ratio. More wood fibre means a sturdier material. This can also influence the price.


2) Bamboo Plastic Composite (BPC)

BPC is a modern type of composite. It mainly consists of bamboo fibres (instead of wood fibre) and polyethylene. BPC is harder and stronger than WPC, thanks to the bamboo fibres. That’s also why BPC fences are more expensive than fences made with WPC.


fence composite

Prices of Composite fences

As said before, the strength of materials has a big influence on the price. A cheap composite fence is generally less sturdy and pretty: it has a bit of a fake and less authentic look. That’s why it’s always better to go for a well-known brand. Prices are also influenced by the type of composite and the size of the fence.

Composite fences are generally speaking a more budget-friendly option in comparison to some other fences. WPC fences with measurements 6×6 ft easily cost around £ 70, whereas BPC fences can cost around £105. Depending on the desired finishing touches, prices could go up to £ 350.

Keep in mind that a professional placement can add about 30 to 50% to the total cost.

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Placement of composite fences

Composite fences are relatively quick and easy to place. The composite can be sawn and processed, just like real wood. A composite fence has to be fixed between fence posts. These poles can be made from aluminium or hardwood. When you attach the panels, make sure to use a kind of paste to prevent expansion.

Technically you could place this fence yourself, but there’s quite some measuring and digging work to it. In order to be absolutely sure of a qualitative placement, you better contact an expert.


composite garden fence

Designs: a whole range of possibilities!

Composite fences are available in many different sizes and colours. Grey, black, charcoal, brown or green? Everything is possible! What’s more, this material does not discolour in the sunlight. Not only can you choose between many different colours, there are also a number of different kinds of structures in the composite fences, like narrow or broad grooves. That way you can find a composite fence for every garden.

Another fun idea might be to combine this fence with composite trellis. These are partly open (wire) panels, made of powder-coated steel. This gives the whole a much less closed-off impression. The openings in these panels can be overgrown with ivy.

TIP! It’s often much cheaper to place your fence during the winter. There’s simply much more demand for fences during the summer. That’s why contractors often give discounts during the winter.

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