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10 commonly used garden fences and their prices

Are you planning on installing a garden fence? Your choice will presumably be partly influenced by the prices. Costs for installing garden fences depend on many different factors, of which the choice of material and the dimensions are a few. In this article we go over 10 popular garden fences with their price per meter.


Prices garden fences by used materials

The materials you choose not only define the look of your garden fence, it’s also a big determining factor when it comes to the price. In the table below, you can find 10 popular types of garden fences and their prices:

Type of garden fence
Price per meter
Prices applied to a height of...
Chestnut fences
From £9
3 ft
Wire mesh fencing
From +/- £9
3 ft
Wood fence panels
From +/- £22
6 ft
Composite fence panels
From +/- £44
6 ft
Concrete fence panels
From +/- £26
6 ft
Woven fence panels
From +/- £30
6 ft
Gabion baskets
From +/- £131 (filling incl.)
3 ft
Decorative fence panels
From +/- £26
3 ft
From +/- £4
2.6 ft (when planted)
Brushwood screening
From +/- £6
6 ft
Placement of the fence
From +/- £13
(not applicable)
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Be careful! Prices as seen above are starting prices. Depending on different factors, prices can still go up. More determining factors can be found further along in this article.


1) Chestnut fences for a rustic look

Do you want to purchase a garden fence with a more rustic look? Then chestnut fences might be something for you! This garden fence consists of chestnut slats, connected to each other with wire. It’s also a popular fence for farmyard with small animals.

The height of this fence is often limited, and it’s not exactly the sturdiest of fences. Because of the holes between the slats, it doesn’t offer that much privacy either.

For more info on chestnut fences and other garden fences made of chestnut can be found in this article.

Price (placement excl.): starting around £9 per meter (height: 3 ft).
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2) Wire mesh fencing: price per meter

Wire mesh fences are available in different executions. The standard version is the cheapest, but not that sturdy. In order to get a more solid fence, you could brace it with a top rail and/or a concrete slab at the bottom. Another solid alternative are mesh fence panels: these are often made of steel wire, which makes it difficult to bend.

This type of garden fence is definitely recommended if you wish to keep your view. Should you want more privacy, you can always let your fence overgrow with ivy or place synthetic screens.

In the article ‘Wire mesh fences‘ you’ll find out more about the different types of wire mesh fencing and their prices.

Price (placement excl.): starting around £9 (height: 3 ft)
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wire fence price


3) Wood fence panels for a natural look

Do you want garden fences with a warm look that offer a lot of privacy? Wood fence panels might be a good choice for you. These fences can be made of a variety of types of wood. The type of wood you choose does not only have a big influence on the price, it also influences the look of your fence, and its lifespan.

With wood fence panels you always have the risk of rot. In order to reduce this risk at least a bit, you could opt for a concrete slab at the bottom of your fence. That way the wood does not come into contact with the wet soil, which in turn reduces the risk of rotten wood fence panels. If you want to give your wood fence panels that extra protection layer, you can always oil, stain or paint it. A simple layer of paint can completely change the look of your fence.

More on the right types of wood and placement of your wood fence panels can be found in this article.

Price (placement excl.): starting around £22 per meter (height: 6 ft)
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4) Composite fence panels: prices

If you want the warm look of wood fence panels but none of the risks, you can simply choose composite fence panels. The don’t only come in imitation wood colour, but in a variety of colours from which you can choose. They require much less maintenance than wood fence panels, and you don’t have to worry about splinters.

Composite fence panels are quite moisture-resistant and have a long lifespan. But keep into account that scratches are not easily repaired in this type of fence.

Discover more on composite fence panels.

Price (placement excl.): starting around £44 perm eter (height: 6 ft)
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5) A sturdy concrete garden fence

Concrete garden fences are very solid and offer great protection from people looking in. The traditional concrete panels might look quite bleak, but there are many different options to improve the look of your concrete fence. You could, for example, combine the concrete with wood: go for a concrete slab at the bottom and concrete fence posts and finish the rest with wood. That way your fence gets a much more natural look and feel to it.

An alternative are concrete panels with some kind of texture. This looks much nicer than simple, flat, concrete panels.

More information and prices on the different executions of concrete fence panels can be found in this article.

Price (placement excl.): starting around £26 per meter (height: 6 ft)
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concrete fence prices


6) Turn creative with woven fence panels

Do you prefer a garden fence with a more creative touch? Maybe consider woven fence panels? These fence panels look natural and match with rural, as well as modern gardens. When constructing these fence panels, the choice often goes to willow, but chestnut or hazel are also among the choices.

More info on woven fence panels can be found in this article.

Price (placement excl.): starting around £30 per meter (willow, height: 6 ft)


7) Gabion baskets: a modern garden fence

Gabion baskets, or stone wall baskets, are constructed with wire mesh panels. The baskets are often filled with stones, but there are alternatives, like tree bark. This modern fence is solid and offers lots of privacy, but is quite expensive.

A big asset to gabion baskets is that you can easily determine the measurements yourself, so they perfectly match your garden. If you’re placing large gabion baskets, you will need to place some foundations first. This is necessary to prevent subsidence.

The possibilities and inspiration for gabion baskets can be found in this article.

Price (placement excl.): starting around £131 per meter (height: 3 ft, width: 12 in).
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8) Decorative fence panels: an elegant garden fence

Decorative fence panels are especially suitable for houses in rural style. This type of fence can have lots of different kinds of finishing touches, like scrolls or decorative arrows. The more complex the finish, the higher the costs.

If you want to give your decorative fence panels a different look, you can simply apply a layer of paint. Keep in mind though that this type of fence does not offer a lot of privacy.

More on decorative fence panels can be found in this article.

Price (placement excl.): starting around £26 per meter (height 3 ft.)
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decorative fence costs per meter


9) Natural garden fences with the hedge plant

If you prefer a more natural type of fence, you can never go wrong with hedge plants. Popular choices are yew, beech, laurel of privet hedges.

The price per meter for hedge plants is quite low, but take into account the maintenance they require. Hedge plants need to be trimmed and fertilised on a regular basis. Make sure you also check your ground and whether or not it’s fit to plant your hedge.

More on the different types of hedge plants and their prices can be found in this article.

Price (placement excl.): starting around £4 per meter (height when planted: 2.6 ft)
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10) Brushwood screening

Brushwood screens are often used on top of existing fences as extra protection against people looking in. You could even let them overgrow with ivy, so to accentuate the natural look even more.

For more info on the applications of brushwood screens, go to this article.

Price (placement excl.): starting around £6 per meter (height 6 ft)


Prices of fences not only depend on the material

As said before, the choice of material has a big influence on the price of your garden fence. But there are quite a few more factors that are going to influence the price of your garden fence:

  • The quality of the material and variations within the material: when you choose high-quality materials, you know it’s going to cost you more than with basic materials. But within the different materials there are more factors that can influence the price tag. With gabion baskets, for example, the price depends greatly on the filling you choose. Another example is the wood of your wood fence panels: tropical hardwood will be more expensive than a fence panel of impregnated wood.


  • Size and difficulty of the job: it’s obvious that the measurements play an important role in the calculation of prices. In this article you’ll find starting prices for more common sizes, but of course you can choose almost any size. For a big project you might find lower prices per meter than for your smaller projects. The complexity can also greatly influence the cost of your fence, for example if you want or need concrete fence posts or foundations.


  • Accessories and decorations: garden fences can be finished in all sorts of creative ways. You could, for example, choose a decorative gate to match your decorative fence panels. Make sure to watch the privacy your fence offers: if you have a garden fence people can easily look through, you can prevent this by placing brushwood screens or synthetic strips.


  • Experts: Different contractors have different rates, that’s why it’s recommended to request different quotes with our many contractors. That way you can easily compare prices and advice.


Via our quotation page you can request quotes, completely free and free of engagement. Click here to get tailor-made prices for your project.