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Plastic fences

Plastic is the newest garden trend. Nowadays plastic is used to make terraces, outdoor furniture and garden fence panels. Not such a foolish choice, if you know that plastic fences offer many unique perks in comparison to their metal, wood and concrete counterparts. In this article you’ll find out more about the different designs and advantages of a plastic fence.

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Advantages of plastic fences

A plastic fence requires next to no maintenance. There’s no risk for splinters, you don’t need to treat it every year, and they’re even available in ready-made panels which makes placement relatively easy and quick. And even though you wouldn’t think so at first, plastic fences are actually eco-friendly, as they are made almost entirely from recycled materials.


Different designs

plastic fence design

When talking about plastic fences, the first thing people think about are bulky, shiny constructions that look very fake. But nothing is further from the truth! Nowadays, plastic fences are available in many different styles, set-ups, colours and textures. You could, for example, go for panels that look just like wood or concrete.


Decorative plastic fences

A plastic fence doesn’t have to be made with full panels all the time. They’re also available as decorative fences, with that difference that the plastic versions need way less maintenance. In this picture you can see a plastic imitations of the typically American ‘white picket fence’. They look identical, but these won’t rot and don’t need to be painted every year either.


Plastic fence panels with wood look

Plastic fence panels with wood look are one of the most popular choices these days. They have natural look of wood, but don’t need any of the maintenance or cleaning. In addition, these fences are available in many different colours so it looks like you have a painted wooden fence. A special UV-coating makes sure that the colours stay vibrant and don’t fade away. You could also choose the concrete fence slabs with wood look. More info can be found here.


Plastic fence panels with concrete look

The concrete imitation is also quite popular. These fence panels need no maintenance. The added advantage of this fence in comparison with real concrete is that it’s very light. This makes placement much easier and heavy foundations completely unnecessary. These factors taken into account, make prices of the plastic fence a lot lower than its concrete equivalent.


Price of plastic fences

The price range of plastic fences can be situated between European wood and textured concrete fence slabs. That makes the plastic fence a nice option for people with a moderate budget. Curious about the costs for your plastic fence panels? Request your free, tailor-made quotes here.