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Plastic fence panels

Plastic or synthetic fence panels are perfect when you want a low-maintenance fence that you never have to paint and that lasts a very long time. Thanks to the broad range of colours and finishes, you will always find a fence that matches your garden perfectly. Everything you need to know about the possibilities and prices of plastic fence panels can be found here.


plastic fence panel Why buy plastic fence panels?

Plastic fence panels need next to no maintenance, as synthetic material can withstand water and won’t rot.

As a result, it’s not necessary to repeatedly treat these fences (paint, oil or stain) to protect it from different weather conditions. What’s even more, you don’t run the risk of getting a splinter.

Synthetic fence panels are available in ready-made condition, so you should be guaranteed of a quick placement. The materials are also recyclable  and there’s no need to cut down any trees for production. Contrary to what people believe, plastic fence panels are actually quite eco-friendly.

These synthetic fence panels, therefore offer lots of advantages. Do you wish to place one and curious about tailor-made prices and advice? Request your free quotes here.



Garden fence panels, including the plastic version, are available in different shapes, sizes, colours and textures. There are, for example, synthetic fence panels that look like wood, or concrete.

These plastic wood-lookalikes were a long-time favourite with customers that wanted a durable, low-maintenance fence. The composite fence panels (WPC and BPC) are particularly popular as they have the most natural wood look. Composite is a material that consists of 50% wood or bamboo fibre and 50% plastic. This gives not only the look of wood, but the feel as well.

The concrete-look version is also very popular. The big advantage they have in comparison to real concrete fences is a much lighter construction. As a result, the placement goes off more smoothly and there’s no need for heavy foundations. Prices are also much lower.


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Common measurements

Most plastic fence panels are available in standard sizes 6×6 ft and 3×6 ft (width x height). You can combine these panels perfectly with mesh fence panels and let them overgrow with ivy or other climbers.  By combining different types of fences, you can make your fence less massive and create a more natural look.

It speaks for itself that you can also add a plastic gate to your plastic fence panels. You can also choose to make the panels vary in height so the different panels can flow smoothly from high to low.


Price of plastic fence panels

Prices for synthetic fence panels are mainly determined by the chosen type of synthetic (PVC, BPC, WPC) and the way the product is finished. Generally prices go between £60 and 115. For bamboo-composite fence panels (6×6 ft) you can easily expect a sum between £65 and 100. Wood-composite fence panels go for the price of £55 to 65.

Curious about the price of plastic fence panels tailored to your wishes?
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Go for quality

With a supply this big, it’s understandably difficult to make a choice, especially when you’re confronted with all sorts of interesting offers. Always go for a top brand and check some references of the distributor.

Why go for the more expensive leading brand? Because you probably want a fence that’s low-maintenance and lasts for years to come. You don’t want a fence that discolours or warps after a while. When you go for great quality, you know you won’t have to worry about these things, and even if something were to happen, you probably got years of guarantee for the product and its placement.


Difference between composite and plastic fence panels

In practice, the terms ‘composite’ and ‘synthetic’ often get mixed up. Understandable if you think about it, as synthetic is a generic term for different types of plastic, and composite partly consists of plastic and partly of wood or bamboo fibre.

Nowadays, most fence panels are made of composite. This material looks a lot like wood and has the positively durable qualities of synthetic. Even though there are fence panels made completely of recycled plastic (polyester), people actually mean composite fence panels when they speak of plastic fence panels.