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Garden metal fence panels: 4 popular choices

One of the possibilities when closing off your garden is placing metal fence panels. This is a sturdy fence and you can go in almost every direction. In this article you’ll find a few popular choices for your garden metal fence panels.


Chestnut fence panels

chestnut fence posts Chestnut fence panels are very cheap, durable and has a nice effect as garden fence. Fencing off your garden with this type of railing provides your garden with that nice, rustic atmosphere. You can choose the distance between the chestnut slats yourself, but mostly is around 1.6 to 3 inches. By the way, chestnut is also quite popular for the construction of picket gates. This type of railing is also quite eco-friendly, as it’s transported from France, or even the UK.

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Mesh fence panels

wire mesh metal Mesh fence panels are a quite cheap but very effective way of fencing off your garden. It’s available in different heights and you can opt for a coarse-mesh or fine-mesh fence. This type of railing is often finished with a top rail to add sturdiness. If you want more privacy, you can let it overgrow, for example, with ivy, or you can cover it with rush mats. If you want to take extra safety measures, you can always add some barbed wire on top.

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Metal fence panels: sturdy fence for garden or company ground

metal fence panel Metal fence panels are made from vertical metal spikes, or rails. It’s known for its sturdiness. As a result, it is often used to fence off company grounds. The metal rails are dipped in a zinc bath and, if desired, provided with a coating afterwards. As extra safety measure you can always place pointy edges on your fence panels. You can also choose wood as material for your fence panels.

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Decorative fence panels: metal fences with an elegant touch

decorative fence panels Those of you who rather have a sophisticated garden fence can always consider decorative fence panels. By choosing an elegant design, you can really give your metal fence panels a personal touch.  Decorative fence panels are actually the elegant version of the simple metal fence panels, that are often seen as solely fit for company grounds. By giving your metal fence panels an elegant design, you can really create a classical look for your garden fence. What’s more, these types of fences don’t need any maintenance at all!

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Placing your metal fence panels

If you want to leave the installing of your metal fence panels to a professional, you had better compared a few quotes first. Comparing prices is easy thanks to our online quotation service. There you can request quotes from specialised garden contractors, completely free and noncommittal. Click here to go to our quotation page.


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