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Concrete fence panels: possibilities & prices

Fencing off your garden with concrete fence panels might seem like a bleak, boring way, but you can also choose concrete panels with decorative textures. These panels are quite popular nowadays, as they have a modern look and match with all kinds of gardens. Moreover, concrete fence panels tend to have a longer lifespan and don’t need much maintenance.


concrete fence panels classic Advantages

  • Aside from a periodic cleaning-up, concrete fence panels don’t need any maintenance.
  • Strong, stable long-life fence, cheaper than a brick wall
  • Thanks to their compact structure, these concrete panels are sound-proof
  • Lots of privacy; you can not see through these panels
  • Available in various decorative textures and colours, which allows them to match different types of garden styles.


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Possibilities for concrete fence panels

As mentioned before, concrete fences don’t have to be a bleak affair anymore. There are quite a few ways to give your concrete fence a more modern look.


concrete fence panel with structure1) Concrete fence panels with texture

Nowadays, thanks to various modern production techniques, concrete can be finished in many different decorative ways. The range of garden fences with textured panels is pretty extensive, and because of the extensive range of colours and finishes, these types of fences come out well in many different garden styles.

Examples of popular textures are wood and braided design, but stones in relief can give your concrete fence panels a nice, modern touch as well.


fence panel wood concrete 2) Garden fence panels wood and concrete

Concrete can be combined perfectly with wood. The industrial look of concrete gives a beautiful contrast with the warm effect of wood, and what’s more, it’s a very interesting combo as far as the price goes. Wood-concrete fence panels have a long lifespan and are very durable.

The wooden boards or panels are attached between concrete fence posts. Thanks to the concrete foundations, the wood is going to rot less quickly, and after a downpour it can dry out well. Read more on wood fence panels.


Placing concrete fence panels

A concrete fence consists of several concrete panels that are seamlessly stacked on top of each other between slotted posts. The fence posts are then anchored into the ground with concrete post holder. Because of the way these concrete panels are constructed, the seams between them are nearly invisible and part of the structure. The top of the posts can be left squared, or you could finish it with a matching decorative concrete cap.

The placement of concrete fence panels requires some skill. It’s quite a difficult job, because you’re handling heavy panels and posts that can easily weigh 110 to 176 lb. Our advice is to leave the placement to expert contractors.


Price of concrete fence panels

The price is in no small part defined by the measurements and the type of finish. If you’re placing a fence with stander concrete panels, you can count on prices starting around £43 per meter (with standard height of 6 ft). Do you prefer a stylish fence with modern textured panels, prices can be a bit closer to £70 – 80 per meter (placement excl.)

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fence panel concrete

How do I maintain concrete fence panels?

This type of fence doesn’t need much maintenance, but like every fence, concrete can become filthy because of sand or moss. This is easily dealt with by using a high pressure cleaner or a garden hose.

You can also choose to impregnate the concrete with a damp- and dirt-repellent. That way you prevent dirt from sticking to the concrete, which makes it even easier to clean. If, due to long exposure to UV rays, the concrete has become lighter in colour, you can simply paint it with a suitable latex paint. Your fence will look as good as new.


Watch out for efflorescence!

Things made from concrete are prone to efflorescence. This is a white residue caused by a chemical reaction between the water and other components in the concrete. This has nothing to do with the quality of the concrete, as it can even happen in the highest quality concrete. Efflorescence does not damage the concrete and it should disappear again on its own.

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