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Concrete fences: designs and prices

Concrete fences might have a cold image, but thanks to their various available forms, colours and finishes, they are very suitable as fence. They’re sturdy, offer lots of privacy and require next to no maintenance. On this page you can find an overview of the different possible designs of concrete fences and their prices.


Designs of concrete fences

Concrete is exceptionally versatile and suitable for many different styles, and easily combined with other materials at that. An overview of some popular designs of concrete fences:


concrete fence slabs with posts 1) Concrete fence slabs between concrete fence posts

This construction is a standard and relatively cheap version of a concrete fence. It consists of concrete fence posts with grooves. The concrete panels are then slid into the grooves until the desired height of the fence is reached.

This fence is perfect for limited budgets, when the view is of no great importance or when you want to let the fence overgrow with plants.

Price: starting around £ 25 per meter (placement excluded)

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fence concrete wood 2) Concrete fences combined with wood

It’s also possible to combine concrete with wood. It often involves fences with concrete slabs at the bottom, which protects the fence against moist soils, and concrete fence posts with grooves. Wooden panels are then placed between these concrete fence posts.

The big advantage to this version is that you can enjoy both the warm look of the wood and the sturdiness of the concrete.

Price: starting around £ 45 per meter (placement excluded, prices strongly depend on the kind of wood)

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concrete fence panels with textures 3) Concrete fence panels with textures

Textured concrete fences have gained popularity in the last few years. You could, for example, choose for concrete fence panels with woodgrain or cobble motifs.

By choosing this kind of design you can easily avoid the cold look of standard concrete fence panels and instead, create a modern concrete fence.

Price: starting around £ 70 per meter (placement excluded)

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The above-mentioned prices are applied to fences with standard height 6 ft. The exact prices will be determined by, among others, the design, the total height and length, and the supplier. It’s therefore recommended to consult different contractors. That way you can easily compare prices and discover the best option for your project. Via our quotation service  you can request free, tailor-made prices, completely free of engagement. Click here to receive your tailor-made quotes.


Maintenance and finish

— As mentioned before, concrete fences need next to no maintenance. After some time it is possible though that the concrete gets a bit dirty, because of splashing water or moss. That’s why it’s good to hose down your fence with a high pressure cleaner, in order to keep it in good condition. If you’re combining concrete and wood, you’ll have to protect the wood against rot. You could also stain the wood to avoid natural greying by sunlight.

— You can finish your concrete fence in a number of ways. You could, for example, let the fence overgrow with plants, to make up for the cold look of the concrete. Or you could paint the concrete panels. If you combine wood and concrete, you can also paint the wood in a different colour.

concrete fence prices

Do I need a foundation for my concrete fence?

When you place a concrete fence, this obviously needs to be fixed into the ground pretty well. With standard concrete fence panels you anchor the fence posts in concrete. These posts need to be deep enough, in order to offer enough solidity. In case of the fence with a concrete slab below, this slab acts as foundation for the whole fence. So these need to be anchored deep enough as well.

Looking for an expert to place your concrete fence? Check our quotation service for free, tailor-made price offers from our experts. Click here to receive your tailor-made quotes.