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Concrete fence slabs

Concrete fence slabs are a rewarding way of fencing off your garden. They require next to no maintenance, are exceptionally strong, and protect against people looking in, weeds and wind. Which types of concrete slabs can be used as a fence can be found in this article.


Designs and possibilities of concrete fence slabs

Concrete fence slabs can be made with various materials. Your choice mainly depends on your personal taste and budget. An overview of the possibilities:


Traditional grey concrete slabs
This type of fence was particularly popular in the 1960s and 1980s. Later, this trend had to make way for wire mesh fences, as they were much cheaper and could be closed off with a hedge. Recently, these concrete fence slabs are making a comeback. Mainly because gardens are getting smaller and smaller, and maintenance needs to be as little as possible. The industrial look also appeals to many people who prefer a more austere garden style.


concrete fence slabs traditional


Wire mesh fencing with concrete slabs
With this type of fence, you can use robust concrete slabs as foundation for a traditional wire mesh fence. By placing a concrete slab at the bottom, your fence will be better protected against damage from lawn mowers, weeds are less likely to grow through the fence, and moles are prevented from digging their way to your garden. By combining the concrete and the wire mesh, you get a transparent finish. If you want more protection against people looking in, then you can always let your fence overgrow with ivy or place screens in front of it.


Concrete slabs with texture
For people who don’t really like the industrial look of solid grey concrete slabs, there’s always the option of concrete slabs with a wooden or brick texture. These are available in different colours and give your garden a warm, attractive look. Examples of designs and where you can buy these slabs can be found in this article.


concrete fence texture


Concrete slabs with wood fence panels
Concrete slabs can be perfectly combined with wood. The foundations of the fence are made with concrete fence posts and one big concrete slab at the bottom. This slab carries the wood panels and makes sure that the wood does not come into contact with the soil, which can damage the wood. The biggest advantage of this type of fence is the natural look, the light weight and the possibility to choose from various patterns.


Construction of concrete fence slabs

Concrete fence slabs are always constructed with post holders. These are anchored into the ground by means of a foundation. The distance between the post holders varies, depending on the length of the concrete slabs and the preferred filling. The most common distance is 6 ft.


Maintenance of concrete fence slabs

A fence made with concrete slabs and posts requires very little maintenance. These kinds of fences can easily last 50 years without any care. If you want to avoid moss and the accumulation of dirt, you can always clean your fence every three years with a high pressure cleaner. That way your fence keeps its new look.


Buying concrete fence slabs: prices and useful facts

Prices strongly vary, depending on the total length and desired height. The most common sizes are 6 ft as standard height, but you can also choose a fence of 6.5 ft.

If you want to let an expert place your fence, you can count on prices starting around £45 per meter (with standard height). When comparing prices, keep in mind the type of foundation you need and how thick your slabs are. For tailor-made quotes we’d like to refer you to our online quotation service.