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Wire mesh fencing: info & pricing

Wire mesh fencing is one of the most popular choices when it comes to fencing the garden. They’re lightweight, easy to integrate in the surroundings, available in different variations and, above all, relatively cheap. In this article we’ll go over all possibilities, prices and variations.


Types of wire mesh fences and their price

The construction and used materials will largely determine the quality, price and durability of the wire mesh fencing. Below you’ll find de different possibilities:

Type of wire mesh
Average price per meter (VAT and placement excl.)
Standard wire mesh (chain link)
£ 9 - 18
Wire mesh with top rail
£ 18 - 23
Wire mesh with top rail and concrete slab
£ 23 - 40
Wire fence panels
£ 18 - 27
Costs for placement
£ 27 - 45 per hour


wire mesh fence standard 1. Standard wire mesh fence

This construction is the cheapest and quickest way to close off your garden. The poles are concreted over into the ground and the wire mesh tighten over the poles.

Prices start around £ 9 per meter, for a height of 3 feet



wire mesh fence with top rail 2. Wire mesh fence with top rail

By fixing a top rail onto the standard wire mesh fencing, you create w much stronger whole. Perfect when you want to let your fence overgrow or cover it with rush mats. This way you also prevent your fence from bending.

Prices start around £ 20 per meter, for a height of 6 feet (VAT excl.)



wire mesh fence with concrete slab 3. Wire mesh fence with concrete slab

With this fence a concrete slab is partly fixed in the ground. This provides a better construction and prevents damage when you mow the grass. This type of fence is also a perfect choice for when you have animals or trouble with foxes.

Prices start around £ 16 per meter (VAT and placement excl.)


wire fence panels comparing4. Wire fence panels

Wire fence panels look almost exactly like wire mesh fencing, but they’re not bendable. That makes the wire fence panel a whole lot sturdier. It’s also a top fence in the field of burglary safety.

Price: £ 18 to 25 per meter, depending on the height.



Wire mesh – comparing prices

When you’re planning on buying wire mesh, it’s important to constantly compare the same materials. You simply can’t compare premium brands to the cheaper DIY-kits from the different construction chains. Maybe grit your teeth and immediately tell them you’re comparing prices. That way they’ll definitely offer you a good price and you can play suppliers off against one another.

TIP: here you can request free online quotes for your wire mesh fencing.


Solutions to make your wire mesh nontransparent

The transparant character of wire mesh fencing is sometimes seen as a disadvantage if you want to enjoy some privacy in your garden. This can be solved with synthetic strips or screens, or brushwood screening. A hedge or ivy are also possibilities, but these require a few years of patience before they’re completely grown thick.


Synthetic screens
This is the cheapest solution for more privacy and can also be used as a temporary solution until your hedge is grown thick. The mats are simply tighten by means of a green wire.


Synthetic strips
These can easily be used to make your fence nontransparent, but be careful! The end result will be determined in part by the fencing of your wire mesh. With horizontal mesh fencing, you can weave either horizontally or vertically. But when you have diamond-shaped mesh you can only work under 45°. Very practical when you want to do it yourself or when you just want to partly close off your fence. Available in green, grey and brown. Read more about synthetic strips and their prices here.


Brushwood screening
If you’re not a fan of those cold green fences, you can always give them a natural look by covering them with brushwood or heather screens. They’re protected against all types of weather for years, and they’re available in different densities. This type of screen is the most expensive method though. Prices could be twice or three times higher than synthetic strips or screens.


Placing wire mesh fences

Outsourcing or DIY the job, depends entirely on your skill and free time. If you hire an expert to do the job, you’ll see that it’ll advance way faster and, in addition, you’ll get a keen price for materials, poles and foundations. And don’t forget about the materials. It’d be a waste to buy all those expensive materials if you’re only going to use them once. Generally, the cost for placement will cost you about 20% to 30% more. Get your free quotes for your fence here.