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Wire fence panels

Wire fence panels are fences made of welded wire and sturdy panels, ensuring you of a safe and trustworthy fence that can last a lifetime. In this article you can find more info on the different uses of wire fence panels, options to personalise them, and the cost of it all.

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Wire fence panels: price

The table below shows general prices for different types of wired fences.

Type of wire mesh fencing
General prices per meter (VAT and placement excl.)
Standard wire mesh fence
£10 - 20
Wire mesh with top rail
£20 - 25
Wire mesh with top rail and concrete slab
£25 - 40
Wire fence panels
£20 - 25
Placement costs
£25 - 45 per uur
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Types of wire fence panels and other options

When choosing and/or placing wire fence panels, you had best taken into account a few factors (mentioned below) that will greatly influence the level of quality and protection of your fence.


1) Height and sturdiness

The advantage this type of fence has in comparison to wire mesh fences is a more sturdy and stable quality. That’s also the reason why you often see these welded wire fence panels around public terrain, as well as around gardens. Depending on its function, you can choose different types and heights.

Front gardens, for example, only need low fences and certainly don’t need heavy panels. This in contrast to company grounds, where the wire fence panels need to be more resistant to vandalism. That’s why for this sort of terrain, you better go for high, sturdy panels.

How sturdy your panels are, does not only depend on the thickness of your panels, but on the thickness of your wire, the size of the mesh and the way you attach the panels to each other too. The thicker your wire, the smaller the chance it can be cut through. Welded panels of respectable thickness won’t bend, not even when considerable pressure is applied.


2) Colour and shape

This type of fence can be recognised by its rectangular meshes. This means the wires are not woven, but welded.

The panels are most commonly green, black or charcoal colour, but other RAL-colours are also possible.

The top of these fences can be bend or straight. Nowadays, you can even buy wire fence panels that are bend in a certain shape on top. These have a much friendlier look than the standard panels.


3) Way of attachment

The way you attach the panels to each other plays another big role in determining the strength of a fence. There are different means of attachment available, and not all clips, with which you can attach panels to each other, have the same level of strength. When you choose a well-known brand, you can be sure of its quality and the fact that you won’t have to worry about it for many years.

black wire fence panels


Wire fence panels: placement

If you possess the right knowledge, experience and materials, you could opt to place the wire fence panels yourself. Now, this might seem like the cheapest way to go, but that’s quite often not the case. Not only do you have to take all individual costs into account, like materials and transport, but all possible mistakes as well. Placing wire fence panels is no laughing matter.

Even though you can easily attach wire panels to their fence posts, it’s more often than not necessary that these posts are fixed into concrete. This way the sturdiness of your wire fence panels is guaranteed. It’s also possible to place the panels on a stone ground, for example when you’re placing a fence on your balcony. When you do this, you need special bases and brackets, which you attach to the ground and wall with screws.


Tip: bringing in an expert can only be beneficial for your project. With his knowledge and experience he will make sure to give you high-quality results. Request your free quotes with our experts now on our quotation page.


Advantages to wire fence panels

Still not completely sure whether or not wire fence panels are the right choice for you? Below there’s a list of all the advantages that wire fence panels have to offer.

  • Durable: because it’s a galvanised fence with a protective coating, these types of fences last almost a lifetime
  • Sturdy: the combination of welded wire and strong panels makes the wire fence panel one of the most reliable and sturdy fences of them all
  • Low price: these fences are known for their good price-quality ratio
  • No maintenance: When you go for high-quality wire fence panels, you can be sure that your fence needs next to no maintenance
  • In combination with a gate: you can easily and perfectly combine this fence with a gate
  • Vegetation: you can brighten the panels with ivy or other climbers

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Inspiration and uses

Let us inspire you with some examples below, where you can see some wire fence panels turned to reality.

wire fence panels standard

These wire fence panels have a standard shape and colour. They offer a trustworthy level of protection against intruders.


wire fence panels curved top

These black wire fence panels are finished with a curved top, which makes this fence just a little more special.